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Yee yee camo shirt and dope gildan hoodie


In recent years we’ve been adding about a billion people every 12 or 13 years or so. Precisely how many of us are here right now is also a matter of debate, depending on whom you consult. Yee yee camo shirt. The United Nations offers a range of current population figures and trends, the U.S. Census Bureau has its own estimate, and the Population Reference Bureau also tracks us.

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Before 1800 more than 20% of Swedish babies died before they reached their first birthday, and of those who survived, another 20% died before their 10th birthday (see Croix, Lindh, and Malmberg (2009), Demographic change and economic growth in Sweden: 1750-2050 In Journal of Macroeconomics, 31, 1, 132-148). Data source: United Nations—World Population Prospects 2015.

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