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I’m still waiting. My appendix is swollen, gallbladder and intestines. But here I am are any of us really free. We all die. Quality of life over quantity any day. Due mostly to people who needn’t even be there. So many with colds and kids who have vomited just once. arra Lynne just because USA is crap and worse doesn’t mean we should appreciate the Top Hot Shirt on on 2019/11/14 poor level of service in UK! I’m in NY and you’re lucky if it’s only a 4 hour wait. When my son broke his leg, I didn’t take him to the ER.

A woman cannot survive on wine alone she also needs a dogs Shirt

Baltimore Ravens Nfl Heart Diamond Shirt

Hello Kitty Santa Diamond Christmas Shirt

I turned myself into a Christmas sweater Morty Ugly Christmas shirt

Is this Jolly Enough Snoopy Christmas Shirt

Jive Turkey Shirt

Kansas City Chiefs Assuming I’m just an old lady was your first mistake vintage Shirt

Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens Shirt

Post Malone Christmas Home Malone 2019 Sweater

Santa Claus Firefighter I have been on more roofs than Ugly Christmas Shirt

Shark Light Christmas Tree Shirt

Tommy want wingy Ugly Christmas Sweater


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