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The environment agency budget has been cut continually for nine years and the armed forces have had thousands cut. How can Boris defend his position, the is in a hell hole because of the Tories. he wasn’t at the remembrance festival the night before is what I think Mark Christmas is referring too Charles Winston Not at all. We’ve had years of austerity because of the financial state the Top Hot Shirt On Hottrendshirts On 2019/11/13 was in when the last Labour government left. We were almost bankrupt – remember the treasury note which was left saying there was no more money We couldn’t afford to keep all the services and many things fell by the wayside. Austerity is another way of saying that we need to live within our means. That’s why the conservatives are now in a position to start recruiting police again investing in the etc. Blame Labour.  I am often surprised when people build a house at the end of a cliff or on the waterfront and don’t expect insurance to cost more.



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