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The Catles crossing Abbey road shirt


Voting for anyone based on race, religion or sex is ridiculous and defeats The Catles crossing Abbey road shirt of a fair system. This is the kind of thing that holds us back as a society. If she is found to be best suited for the position than she should be elected based on that and not her skin color. Voting based on race alone is racist – no matter who is voting for who, or what race they are. Color should never be regarded as a measure, means or an advantage to leadership.

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The Catles crossing Abbey road shirt

I don’t support people who use their color for gains. We should all strive for ability. If qualified well for her if not then why, should she become governed to make firsts or have a great governor I hope she is The Catles crossing Abbey road shirt for the job, no matter what if we want hatred has gone we have to address everything not just some people?

The Catles crossing Abbey road shirt
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