What if Pikachu was Pikapool shirt


In the movies, defeated Samurai often choose to commit suicide by cutting their stomach open. At first glance, it is very scary, but few people know that, an operation is also a solemn ceremony to preserve the honor of the Samurai. The suicide ritual, called “hara-kiri” or Seppuku, begins with the Samurai going to take a bath so that the body is pure and clean. They then wear a white robe and eat their favorite meal. When it was over, the Samurai put a small blade on the empty plate and wrote a dead poem “tanka” expressing his feelings and moods.

Dear Santa I really did try to be a good lunch lady but this mouth shirt Men's T-Shirt front

Fairy Tail 11st Anniversary 2009-2020 shirt Men's T-Shirt front

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What if Pikachu was Pikapool shirt Men's T-Shirt front

Leyth it’s always impossible until it done shirt Men's T-Shirt front

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