Norious BEA Arthur shirt and hoodie

Norious BEA Arthur shirt and hoodie


Love Beautiful Bea Arthur. Notorious BEA Arthur. She’s the Queen of jokes. Made sense of which one was Shinola Rose? Among many, numerous others. TrulyThe Greatest Show on Earth. Cheerful day my godlike object. Purchase this shirt now on the off chance that you adore her.

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Notorious BEA Arthur shirt

Notorious BEA Arthur lady shirt
lady shirt

I generally watched them when I was growing up and now despite everything I watch the reruns. With my kids and they adore them. What’s more, they know each line and the signature tune. At whatever point I am tragic, this show dependably gives me a grin… medication that was made in the 80’s. I cherish you Golden The Golden Girls. Much obliged to you. You were a unique, stand-out. Those knife looks, those jokes! All class. Wherever you are today you are missed on planet earth.

Norious BEA Arthur shirt and hoodie
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