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New Post Malone Christmas Tree shirt


Post Malone merry Christmas to all: Post Malone Christmas Tree shirt. Do you know of Post Malone? Yeah he’s a Rapper!! Hmm, well do you know of Ho Malone? No? Its a classic Christmas movie starring Macaulay Caulkin!! Had a nice couple of days after a bad start to the week.Post Malone Christmas Tree shirt hoodie

Our friend Dave ended up in hospital Monday morning after having a cardiac event and had to have his heart defibrillated back into the right rhythm. Visited him in hospital today after we went out with his wife Ally for coffee. Yesterday spent day out with the boys before Mike had to work. Had a look at Pokemon cards for Jacob for Christmas at Farmers and had our tasty Falafel from in town. Got gas bottle for BBQ all filled up. Finally found out what Mike wanted for Christmas, a ticket to see Post Malone in Auckland in January 2018.

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New Post Malone Christmas Tree shirt
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