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Archaeologists have revealed the lives of the ancient Egyptians, who built great works for the Pharaohs who were not at all comfortable if not harsh. Bone artifacts from a disappearing city in central Egypt reveal many civilians who died at an early age and lived a life of corporal punishment. Merry Mixmas Ugly Christmas Sweater. Many people suffer from spinal injuries, poor nutrition and developmental delays. The bone fragments reveal the reverse of the construction of an ancient building. These monuments were discovered in Amarna, once a capital built at the behest of Pharaoh Akhenaten 3,500 years ago. Hieroglyphs from this period record that Pharaoh – Tutankhamun’s father, was forced to build a new city to honor the god Aten whom he revered with temples, palaces and tombs. Together with Queen Nefertiti, he abandoned the capital Thebes, leaving the gods and priests behind and marched his people north to an arid desert next to the Nile.

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