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He used to work as a gardener for a kindergarten in the Freddy Krueger Jack Skellington shirt town of Springwood, Ohio, United States. He loves children, he often plays with children at recess, all the children in the school adore him. But there was a girl Frederick loved the most, named Nancy Thompson. Every time he had something to do, he would talk or talk to Nancy. One day.

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He designed himself a glove with sharp knife-like fingers, he thought this weapon would help him defend himself against crooks, he tested it by kidnapping children in The Freddy Krueger Jack Skellington shirt preschool came home, wounding them in many ways with the glove, and as a result, 20 children died. All the parents who knew about this pulled together to find Frederick, who has chased them down the streets. Running and seeing a deserted house, Mr. Frederick ran in and locked the door, the parents had repeatedly told him to confess but he still hid in the abandoned house. So they ran out of patience, and they threw tons of petrol bombs at the house, thinking that he would be afraid to die and run. Because Frederick locked the door too carefully.



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