Autism Jack Skellington periodic table shirt


According to Catholicism, St. Nicholas (later known as Santa Claus) was the patron saint of children, and in many European countries the traditional day of honoring him was 6/12 (the day he died). . On the day of St. Nicholas, people not only expect Nicholas – the embodiment of generous generosity but also fear Krampus – an exact opposite of Santa Claus. According to folklore, the devil appeared on the night of December 5 (called the Krampus Night) to punish children and bad children who did not deserve gifts from Nicholas. And on the morning of the 6th, the children will come out, check what they have in their boots (similar to the form of hanging socks in the North American fireplace). rod. Sometimes these spoiled children could not wake up on the morning of the 6th because they were kidnapped by Krampus to the cave, beaten, skinned and eaten, or sent to hell for a year.

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